Akal Ustat

Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Academy

SRI DASAM GRANTH - AKAAL USTAT. Akaal Ustat is the second hymn in sequence after Jaap Sahib. Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji composed this hymn himself in Gurmukhi script during His stay in Poanta Sahib after the Battle of Bhangani. The hymn contains the praises of Almighty as a creator, sustainer and destroyer through all the ages and His existence even before the creation. Guru Gobind Singh Ji's composition has marvelously blended this entire composition with words from different language namely Sanskrit, Braj, Persian and Arabic. Akaal Ustat develops the realisation of truth through praising the qualities of Almighty and rejecting hypocrisy, imposterism, hence promoting a meaningful worldly life.
Guru Gobind Singh Ji has given vivid exposition of Almighty's characteristics in six (6) aspects -
i. Creator
ii. Immanent
iii. Infinite, Eternal & Absolute
iv. Omnipotent, Omni present, Omniscient
v. Supreme Saviour
vi. Truth, Beauty & Music
Akaal Ustat is the greatest composition exclusively devoted to the revelation of true vision of Almighty in all His manifest and unmanifest forms. In His musical dazzling abundance of words and awesomely beautiful style Guru Gobind Singh Ji gives a fascinating expression to almost all His theistic views. Yet there are people making fun of such composition and the only conclusion we can make is that a diamond was made a necklace for a donkey