Jivan of Guru Arjan Dev Ji

Written on 11/21/2018
SGGS Academy

Guru Arjan Dev Ji, the embodiment of peace who lived, preached and sacrificed for universal equality. His message enlightened many in the past, now in present and the future. The first ever who stood for all and remained in tranquility all through His physical form. An example of the highest degree in devotion, selflessservice, treasure of spiritual knowledge, calmness, fearless, universal love, respect for elders, poet, versatile genius, exceptional merit and sensibility. He substantially contributed towards the welfare of the society. He stood steadfastly for the principles he believed in, sacrificed his own life, and attained a unique and unparalleled martyrdom in the history of mankind.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji was the first of the Guru’s to be born into a Sikh household and received His first blessings from Guru Amar Das Ji who was His maternal grandfather. He was blessed as the ship of Gurbani when He crawled up on the Divine throne. He manifested as a versatile genius, a poet of exceptional merit and sensibility, he composed Gurbani in discursive and exquisitely appealing expressions. On the philosophical and spiritual plane, Guru Arjan Dev Ji is, the most prolific exponent and elucidator of the vision and message of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.   

Jivan Guru Arjan Dev Ji Jivan Guru Arjan Dev Ji