Jivan of Guru Ram Das Ji

Written on 11/21/2018
SGGS Academy

Once, Guru Amar Das Ji was sitting in a gathering, and after looking around Guru Ji asked, “Where is Ram Das Ji? I have not seen him”. Bhai Belu answered, ‘Ram Das Ji could not find the time to come here because he is busy fulfilling the needs of all the people in the gathering (Sanggat). He has seated all the people in lines and serving them food and water. He is trying his best to make them comfortable in every way, even fanning them if they feel hot. Everyone is very pleased with him.’ Guru Amar Das Ji was very pleased to hear this and answered, ‘Ram Das Ji is s great person. He is performing service with a sincere heart. He also shows a lot of love and respect for me. He will be blessed with great miraculous powers. Any person who performs selfless service for the Sanggat will receive blessings. Ram Das Ji’s lineage will grow. He will be highly respected in this world and also the next world. By serving the Sanggat, he is obtaining more blessings than he will obtain even by serving me. He will obtain a very high position in both the worlds. He will enlighten many people in this world”. Meanwhile, people intermingled in the congregation. Friendship and love grew among them. The Sikhs treated one another with a lot of respect. The singing of devotional hyms (kirtan) could be heard everywhere. People meditated on the name of Waheguru. Guru Ji then declared that Vasakhi will be celebrated in this way every year.

Jivan Guru Ram Das Ji Jivan Guru Ram Das Ji